We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year. And at this time, shoppers are looking for one thing: Deals. However, the anticipation of great deals makes shopper disregard the most important aspect: Their security. They overlook the important step of verifying the e-commerce websites that they choose to purchase their Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday specials on. This can be dangerous, especially for credit card payments. If that statement describes you, here are the tips to stay safe during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping weekend:

Make sure to shop on secure websites during Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday offers

Make sure you verify the site you intend to shop on during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Typically, every website includes the ‘’https” URL. Ensure that the end of that URL has an ‘’S,” because the ‘’S” stands for security. Some websites will have the HTTP without the ‘’S.” That should be a red flag already. On top of that, make sure the website has a ‘’key” icon to determine that it’s a safe site to shop on.

Desist from using public Wi-Fi networks when scouring various e-commerce websites for top Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday specials

If you want to be on the safe side, it’s best always to assume that public Wi-Fi networks are always insecure. Desist from entering sensitive information such as bank accounts, passwords, credit card or debit card information when utilizing the public Wi-Fi network.

Keeps an eye out for fake vouchers when on Black Friday shopping

Before and during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, you will be bombarded with many adverts from retails and commerce owners alike. You might go online, for example, on social media and stumble across these fake vouchers that promise you Black Friday coupon or discount codes for a certain percent off if you click the link. If you click on that link, that’s when the hacker gets on you, and they could easily steal your credit card information.

Keep an eye out for delivery failure notifications during Black Friday shopping process

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, hackers are everywhere trying to leverage the chaos and steal from unsuspecting customers.  You might get delivery failure notification emails from retailers such as Target, Amazon or best buy regretting that your package could not be delivered. However, such emails come from hackers, and if you click on them, a virus infects your computer, and the hacker can easily harness your information.


While it’s a good idea to validate the e-commerce websites you intend to shop on, make sure to secure your computer when shopping for Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday offers. Invest in a security suite that provides a two-way firewall, anti-virus and other security tools to ensure every loophole that hackers could leverage are sealed.