With many e-commerce websites anticipated to enter the Black Friday craze, it will be overwhelming for shoppers to choose the best stores, coupons, and discounts. If you’re looking to partake in this year’s Black Friday shopping, then you need every help you can get to ensure you find the best deals in a hassle-free fashion. Happily, technology has enabled shoppers to scour the internet in the comfort of their homes and get the best Black Friday deals. If you are a Black Friday enthusiast, keep these apps in your back pocket to ensure you get the best Black Friday coupons, discounts and other deals in real-time.

Flipp is going to change the way you approach your Black Friday shopping

Flip is an excellent app that aggregates all the flyers, coupons and discounts offered by different retailers in a given area. The app contains more than 700 of them. Flipp will also show you the percentage of Black Friday deals you want to save, for instance, 20%, 30% or 50%.  You can also pair Back Friday coupons with other discounts and offers to drive the price of your favorite items even lower. The fact that this app shows you all the great Black Friday coupons, discounts and other deals in one screen make it a deal breaker.

The Coupons App will surely spice up your Black Friday shopping experience

This is one of the most downloaded coupons apps out there. It has a user-friendly interface that avails to you coupons from every store in your region. You can find great Black Friday deals near you using this app, as it searches for coupons, online promo codes, and deals from over 100, 000 retailers. It also lets you browse for local and international Back Friday online deals according to your preferred location. You are also able to set alerts to inform you when great deals are available. The good thing about this app is that they dedicate a special section for Black Friday specials, which mean you won’t struggle if you’re planning to partake in Black Friday shopping.

SlickDeals alleviates your Black Friday shopping hassle

Slickdeals app offers you an army of Black Friday deal hunters to keep you a priced of any great deal available. SlickDeals app is a perfect definition of an army as it has a community of over 2 million members who make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experience out-of-this-world. Besides members posting the very best Black Friday deals on offer, this app also allows you to track in-demand offers that run out of stock fast.