Is Black Friday AllWeekend: What Black Friday Deals to Expect This Year


Is Black Friday All Weekend: What Black Friday Deals to Expect This Year

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The official countdown to the most popular 24-hour shopping madness is on! If you want to know more about Black Friday and who is taking part, you have come to the right place! We are going to explain to you everything you need to know about Black Friday including what deals are likely to be offered this year!

When is Black Friday 2017: Is Black Friday All Weekend

Over the last couple of years, Black Friday has become a very popular shopping event in the US as retailers and brands convince customers to cash in and persuade them to spend ahead of Christmas. Usually, shoppers take advantage of the cut-price products such as tech gadgets, games consoles, and electronic devices, however, in recent years, these have been huge discounts on beauty products, fashion, accessories, clothing, and even flights.

Black Friday takes place on November 24. Traditionally, Black Friday lasts for 24 hours, but there are companies that leave the deals for the whole weekend. So, it depends from one company to another. There are no strict rules when it comes to Black Friday deals and discounts.

What Black Friday Deals to Expect this Year

Black Friday is a huge opportunity to buy your favorite products at a much cheaper price.

Last year, everyone from luxury department shops and airlines to major fashion brands and tour operators got in on the shopping action. All of them offered great deals and huge discounts and sales across a range of product categories.

This year, we predict the same discounts and maybe even more! It is possible that some retailers and brands opt to launch promotions and deals earlier just to get ahead of the competition. That’s why, you need to follow the social media networks, in case some of your favorite brands post something.

In order to help shoppers get exactly what they need for the best price, we have a few tips that we would like to present you:

➔ Make a research

Prepare yourself properly and get some background knowledge on products you would like to purchase. This will save you time and energy ahead of the main event.

➔ Register your interest

In order to stay in the loop and find out the newest information on what retailers and brands will be offering for this year’s Black Friday, make sure to sign up to specific retailer newsletters. The retailers will be updating shoppers n a daily basis on all the latest deals and exciting promotions on thousands of different products before and during the shopping madness.

➔ Compare prices before purchasing

We know that time is money, but before you buy a certain product, make sure to compare prices across a number of brands and retailers and then decide which retailer offers the best prices. Don’t forget to look for free delivery options as this will additionally maximize your savings.

  • Argos 80%
  • Amazon 50%
  • John Lewis 75%
  • Tesco 60%
  • Currys PC World 85%
  • GAME 90%
  • Very 45%

These are some of the most popular retailers who offer the best deals on fashion, tech, and toys during Black Friday:

  • Argos (online and in-store shopping deals)
  • Amazon (online shopping deals)
  • John Lewis (online and in-store shopping promotions)
  • Tesco (online and in-store shopping discounts)
  • Currys PC World (online and in-store shopping promotions)
  • GAME (online and in-store deals)
  • Very (online promotions)

So, make your research, compare prices before purchasing, double-check the domain name of the site you are buying from, and take advantage of all discounts, deals, and promotions! Have fun and enjoy shopping!

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